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Some points to note when booking a gite in France

When you rent a gite, you are renting a private home. While most gites are  dedicated holiday or vacation rental properties, others are people's second homes, or even family homes, properties that are lived in by the owners for a part of the year, and rented out for the rest. But one way or another, gites are homes, not hotels.
   There are different  ways of booking a gite; you can work through a vacation rental agency or a travel agency, who may take a commission; or you can book through the huge French organisation Gites de France which - contrary to a popular belief - is not an official organisation, and does not list all gites available.  Alternatively - and this is often the best solution - you can book directly with the owners.
    Booking directly means that you have direct contact with the rental property owner, not with a faceless agency. Owners who rent directly know that they will meet their customers face to face; and for this reason, they have a strong incentive to do things well. Very often, owners who rent directly live nearby, if not next door to the gite(s) they are renting out, so they are there 24/24  in the event of an emergency. Many owners who rent directly  - probably the majority - take pride in their service, and will be happy to advise visitors on local specialities, things to see and do, and other useful points.
  One final point to note is that it is often possible to rent from English-speaking owners; there are many thousands of gites in France that are owned and run by British, Dutch, even American or Australian owners, who are happy to welcome their visitors in English, even to take payment in sterling, US Dollars or even dollars from down under. A large proportion of the gites in the Gitelink gites directory are rented out by English-speaking owners; and virtually all of the gites in this directory are rented out directly. So if you were hesitating about choosing a gite or bed & breakfast for fear of  the language barrier, don't worry. Check out the Gitelink directory, and you'll find that you can do all the booking directly with the owners in English, or even in Dutch. Speaking French is not a requirement !
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